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November 11, 2019

20+ Unique Ideas to Boost Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

Despite the fact that a solid online nearness is basic for some retailers, it's imperative to not neglect the intensity of your physical store. Be that as it may, the test for some is the way to build pedestrian activity and lift in-store deals — and how to quantify this.

Given the information, it's nothing unexpected that retailers may battle with expanding client visits to their physical areas. 71% of customers accept they'll discover better bargains on the web, however 94% of retail deals are still credited to physical stores.

When attempting to lift pedestrian activity, first comprehend your client base and target showcase. At that point search for approaches to separate from your rivals while staying relatable and significant to your objective clients. Only one out of every odd thought will work for each brand. What's more, don't be reluctant to test thoughts out. Experimentation is perhaps the most ideal approaches to realize what will be best.

While there are numerous techniques to draw customers to visit your store, there's possible some out-of-the-container methodologies you haven't investigated. That is the reason we've curated a long rundown of one of a kind thoughts for retailers to lift pedestrian activity and increment deals in their physical stores.


It says to clients that you care about them, their solace, and prosperity. Furnish them with something they need or that can make their shopping experience better, regardless of whether it may not be identified with shopping superficially.

USB Chargers

Ever see how hordes of individuals assemble around charging stations at air terminals and such? USB chargers are priceless, particularly considering the way that 72% of Americans and 67% of Canadians possess a cell phone. Why not give potential clients motivation to assemble in your store?

One top of the line model is Neiman Marcus, which has introduced cell phone charging stations crosswise over it system of stores:

Neiman Marcus charging station | Shopify Retail blogTo begin, investigate organizations that sell portable charging stations custom fitted to retailers, for example, KwikBoost or ChargeTech.

Or on the other hand you can set up your very own DIY charging station. Hit up your nearby hardware store, get a bunch of chargers (ensure you buy both iPhone and Android perfect ropes), expansion links, and a power bar. Set up a zone committed to squeezing up cell phones in your store near an electrical outlet. Get a table and a different gadget charging station like the one beneath from Houzz. Add some signage to draw your clients' eye and you're finished.

Free Wi-Fi

Boundless information is never again the standard for wireless suppliers, and that is left shoppers feeling something beyond somewhat disappointed. Help them with a torment point and offer free Wi-Fi in your store. This is an incredible open door for retailers; 62% of organizations announced that clients invest more energy in-store after they presented free Wi-Fi. This could prompt more deals and commitment with your image.

Be that as it may, you can go past simply offering free Wi-Fi. You can likewise give gadgets to clients to utilize while at your store. Spot iPads all through the store. This can be a path for clients to become familiar with your item, connect with your application, take and post photographs with your item, try out your item and then some.

Parlor Areas

Shopping can be awkward and tedious. Offer your clients a reprieve and urge them to take it easy while in your store. This can be practiced with relax like zones that have amusement alternatives and refreshments, just as different solaces.

Shopping can be awkward and tedious. Offer your clients a reprieve and urge them to take it easy while in your store. This can be practiced with relax like zones that have amusement alternatives and refreshments, just as different solaces.

TVs can be an incredible method to make clients feel comfortable. Tap into your client base and consider what they watch. On the off chance that you sell outdoor supplies, cast ESPN or games, for instance.

Serve complimentary espresso and tea. Simply ensure the coffeehouse isn't set beside your accumulation of white couches. For instance, Lululemon's leader space in Toronto has a juice-testing station in the front of their store, an idea that adjusts to their health strategic.

On the off chance that it's not possibly hostile to your objective market, offer brew or wine to visitors who are shopping. Many nail salons offer a complimentary glass of wine. Furthermore, customers who have a touch of liquor streaming may spend more cash. Before you do this, reference codes and laws in your general vicinity to ensure it's lawful.

An eager customer can be a testy customer. Think about offering tidbits or light nibbles for your clients to appreciate, for nothing out of pocket. Each time they're eager and close to your store, they may fly in for a fast nibble and a peruse around your shop.

Animal Amenities

In the event that your store is pet-accommodating, put out some water bowls and offer treats for the creatures. You could likewise make a creature cordial region. Simply ensure you have doggie packs so proprietors can assist you with keeping it clean if there should arise an occurrence of any mishaps. Making your clients' pets feel welcome can go far toward building steadfastness.

Remember that there might be legitimate impediments that you have to consider. Check with your nearby wellbeing and security sheets to ensure you're not defying any norms.

Make a Fun Zone

We've all seen (or been) the parent with a shouting little child in a store. It's humiliating, diverting, and once in a while enough to make the parent leave the store without buying anything. I played on a slide in an Osh Kosh store while my mother acquired my closet, and the Ikea in Philadelphia has an indoor play area, much like the ones you can discover at drive-through eateries.

Another approach to keep the children — and grown-ups — engaged in your store is to offer arcade games. Who doesn't love to play Pac Man? You could likewise stretch out this to curiously large Jenga and Connect 4, ping pong, air hockey or stick ball. Much further, take some motivation from Dick's – an outside and wellness item retailer — which has indoor shake climbing dividers in select stores.

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